Jeffrey Mangus

I was fifty-one years old on November 29, 2017, when my world crashed to a grinding halt, and it changed forever. My left foot was inflamed with infection, and in those fleeting, horrifying moments, I was faced with the inevitable choice of losing my foot, leg or risk pending death.

For three years, I battled continuous wounds on my feet because of Type-2 diabetes. I had grown accustomed to the normal routine of going to the hospital, getting treatment, bandaged, and being sent home. Even as I hobbled to the car, shoeless, foot engorged, I thought… They will examine me, clean my wound, give me a strong antibiotic, and send me on my way. I was confident that the doctors would bandage me up, stick me in the ass with antibiotics, and send me home to fight another day.

…Only this time, I was dead wrong.

When I pulled into the hospital parking lot, the air had a strange stillness; everything was seemingly dark and gray. As I turned off the car’s engine, I sat, remaining completely still. Surrounding me was a feeling I could not ignore, a strong presence signaling every ounce of my being— that things were about to change.

Not knowing and scared, I suddenly felt the need to squeeze every second I could and didn’t know why. I took a deep breath, embraced the moment while listening to the whisper of stillness. As I made my way into the emergency room, a soft voice spoke to me, “It will be okay.” A cascading peace washed over me as the doors of the emergency room closed behind. Little did I know that in a few short hours, that walk would be the last I would ever take—with my own two legs.

Thousands of amputations happen each day, and millions happen every single year around the world. Yet, what an amputee actually experiences minutes after surgery, what’s endured through the heart-wrenching recovery, is rarely addressed in its complexity to the time they get their life back. Almost every amputee experiences an onslaught of emotions filled with confusion, grief, anxiety, depression, and immense physical pain. 

AMPOSSIBLE offers a panoramic and close-up view of the realities of limb loss. The book is written for those who experience amputation, including the amputee and their families who need answers to the many questions amputees and their families often have surrounding their very immediate medical needs. The book dives deep into the long-term challenges, both physical and emotional, amputees must face. AMPossible is a no-holds-barred real-world depiction of life as an amputee and answers those essential, critical questions to help you make the best of your limb loss journey.

My name is Jeffrey A. Mangus, and I am a five-time Sepsis and amputation survivor and below the knee amputee (BKA), and I set out to deliver a book filled with straightforward information for both the amputee and his or her family and support network. My goal and intent were to leave no stone unturned and give real-world help you through your limb loss journey. I cover everything from the basics of wound care and rehabilitation to the immense obstacles of pain, grief, depression, sexuality, rehabilitation to driving. I address the issues with a passion for helping any amputee overcome what lies in front of you.

I provide answers about real emotional needs along with first-hand knowledge on living a new reality without a part of the body intact. Offering hope and guidance, my desire is to encourage and instill hope to any amputee to overcome the immense challenges and beat the obstacles live a full and engaged life as an amputee.

About Jeffrey A. Mangus Professionally

As a professional ghostwriter, I have ghostwritten books for many of THE BIG-FIVE Publishers, including HARPER COLLINS, HARPER COLLINS LEADERSHIP, HARPER COLLINS FOCUS, BLACKSTONE, ROWMAN & LITTLEFIELD, and HIGHBRIDGE AUDIO.  Working with me, I will provide an exceptional book writing experience and assist you as an author with publishing industry knowledge, advice, experience, expertise, dedication, and extreme professionalism to every word on every page of your book project. 

I have ghostwritten works in most nonfiction categories and genres, including:

Self Help
Personal Tragedy
True Crime Nonfiction
Children’s Picture Books.

My intrinsic value as a ghostwriter is working with professionals who understand their limited time or abilities to draft a winning manuscript or book proposal. My extensive skills as a ghostwriter are bringing out the author’s knowledge, understanding the subject, using research to create a book, and creativity that hits the mark with the tone, voice, style while delivering the author’s words with authenticity to a vast audience across the globe. 
I have developed a streamlined process that makes the book writing process enjoyable, easy, and less constraining on your time and energy. With me, your involvement can be hands-free. You will be able to talk to me, tell me your book chapter by chapter, and I will ghostwrite the book to a polished saleable manuscript. The process accommodates the author’s schedule and never forces the author out of their routine.

Being a professional business ghostwriter with six years and fourteen books to my credit, I have come to understand the semantics, perils, and positive aspects of publishing, corporate business, including history, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, competition, and sales.

My Prominent Ghostwriting Skills

  • Excellent ability in capturing voice, tone, and style of the author
  • Exceptional skill in shaping and molding existing manuscript material into saleable, marketable, and readable books/eBooks.
  • I am skilled in researching and thorough organization of all information from the author.
  • Wholly devoted to and dedicated to author/client satisfaction
  • Highly creative with proven brainstorming capabilities in developing book marketing plans steered to lead business owners to great success with their books and endeavors.
  • Strong know-how in ghostwriting and the process to deliver a market –quality book
  • Highly resourceful editing and copy-editing skills.

About Me Personally

From the age of six, I began playing the guitar. I grew up as a musician, and I studied classical music in college and played music professionally and, for years, toured around the country. In 1989, my musical journey led me to spend five years playing in Hollywood, CA, on Sunset Strip with five recorded albums to my name. I am 54 years old and happily married with five grown children and two granddaughters who are the apple of my eye.